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Published: 04th July 2011
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When we discuss about the importance of India’s culture and traditions, there are few salient features to remember which is indisputable part of the Indian image like fashionable clothes, various food habits, mesmerizing visit able sights. Indian clothing has always been very enigmatic and fascinating. A lot of early Indian clothing consisted of cotton because cotton was grown in India even in ancient era. Saree is one of the most wonderful dresses worn by Indian women. In present generation, not only saree but also there are many types of fashionable clothes available to wear in India.

The creative fashion designers of today are in a lookout for the ethnic designs that take us close to our cultural roots and remind us of the glorious past. Apart from saree, usually Indian women are interested to wear this sort of clothes such as langa oni (pavada), kurta, salwar kameez, jeans etc. One of these various items of wonderful clothing is the salwar kameez. Thus, in this week I want to reveal the significance of salwar kameez nowadays which is utterly suitable for any age group.

Salwar kameez ( is also known as shalwar khameez. Salwar is a loose trouser, kameez is a loose long tunic worn over the salwar. Salwar kameez traces its origins to the Mongols and was once considered a Muslim dress. Shalwar kameez is a traditional garment worn by the people in India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh. Salwar kameez is worn by both men and women but they accessorized it differently with modesty values due to its comfort and freedom of movement.

In this article I would like to concentrate on women’s wear salwar kameez especially. Women’s salwar kameez suit consists of salwar, kameez and dupatta. Shalwar is a loose flowing pant narrowing down to the ankle. It has a wide band measuring about 7 - 8 inches from waist to hips with gathers that at the hip line. A draw string at waist or elastic band helps to adjust to different waist sizes. Khameez is a long Tunic Top with slits on the sides. The length of the Khameez varies depending on the style. Dupatta or Shawl is a long piece of fabric draped over the chest, drawn around the head or over the shoulder completes the suit.

Infact, salwar kameez became a traditional obligatory dress in the present times. Due to its high popularity in the region of Punjab, shalwar kameez is also referred as Punjabi suit. The fashion of Punjabi suit in India is not new. Since the past many few centuries, women have been wearing this awesome attire. Salwar kameez is emerging as one of the most popular costumes in the fashion scene all over world, especially during summers when temperatures are high. Due to easy availability of cotton in the Indian sub continent, most casual salwar kameez are made of cotton.
Party and wedding salwar kameez are heavily embroidered sets with sequins and stone works added enhance their looks. Usually soft flowing fabrics like georgette, chiffon and silk are used to make this sort of designer salwar kameez. The chudidar kameez is a close fitting salwar suit which is tailored to fit the wearer exactly. The beauty of Indian women is well encapsulated in salwar kameez.
As a dress it is very easy to wear and allows for a lot of flexibility. It is not as complicated to wear as the saree and can be worn in all climates.
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